Instructions to finish the installation manually after a failure of the automatic installation

Important note: The following instructions are to check out the first tag (v7p2r2) of the v7p2 version. If you wish to work with a different version, edit all commands, paths, names and the configuration file with the version you wish to use.

1. Open the DOS prompt command

If you do not know where the prompt command is, go to the Windows start menu and type “cmd” in the “Search programs and files” box. (see picture on the right)

2. Check out the TELEMAC source code

From the DOS prompt command, run the following command:

svn co "C:\opentelemac-mascaret\v7p2" --username ot-svn-public --password telemac1*

Note: The download could last more than 20 minutes depending on the quality of the internet connection.

Note: If the checkout crashed you do not have to start again just type svn update in the v7p2r2 folder to carry on the download.

3. Copy configuration file

Save the configuration file as systel_v7p2.cfg in C:\opentelemac-mascaret\v7p2\configs.

Here are the configuration files for v7p2: configuration file v7p2

for v7p0 : configuration file

4. Create a shortcut of the DOS prompt command on your Desktop

5. Rename it “Telemac v7p2”

6. Edit the properties of the new shortcut

  • Click right on the shortcut and edit the properties. The properties window should pop up (see picture on the right)

  • In the Target box, copy/paste the following path next to what is already there, separated by a space.

/E:ON /V:ON /K set SYSTELCFG=C:\opentelemac-mascaret\v7p2\configs\systel_v7p2.cfg && PATH=C:\opentelemac-mascaret\v7p2\scripts\python27;!PATH!

  • In the Start in box, delete the path and replace it by C:\opentelemac-mascaret\v7p2

  • Click OK

7. Compile the TELEMAC system

Double click on the Telemac v7p2 shortcut you created and run the following command:

Note: The compilation can last more than 30 minutes depending on the characteristics of your computer

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