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v6p3 General

New features for all programs version 6.3

Maximum number of iterations for advection schemes

(Maximum d'iterations pour les schémas de convection)

This new keyword (default value 10) has been added in Sisyphe, Telemac-2D and Telemac-3D. So far it is used only for positive edge-based advection schemes. The previous stop criterion was that not a single digit changed between two iterations, which was rather demanding. Now after 10 iterations by default, the algorithm is stopped and the remaining fluxes are considered non physical. Depending on the algorithm, the previous maximum was 100 or 1000, or there was no stop at all.

This new keyword is used if advection schemes 13 or 14 are chosen, or if TREATMENT OF NEGATIVE DEPTHS : 2 is chosen, or in Sisyphe in case of bedload.

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