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 {{:​runningTestCase.png}} {{:​runningTestCase.png}}
 +==== Deadlock on execution ====
 +If when you are testing a case the listing seems block just after displaying the header.
 +It might be because your mpi installation is not registered to do that.
 +Do the following actions:
 +  - In an admnistrator shell type the following commands:
 +  - smpd -install
 +  - mpiexec -remove
 +  - mpiexec -register (With your windows login)
 +If you do not have administrator rights.
 +A temporary solution that you will have to redo everytime you open a new shell.
 +Is to go inside the temporary folder run the command that was displayed in the listing (the one with mpirun in it).
 +To check that it worked:
 +  - In an user shell type the following commands
 +  - mpiexec -validate (it should return SUCCESS on a user shell)
 +  - smpd -status (it should return 'smpd running on <​hostname>'​) ​                                                 ​