Installation of MED on Linux

The MED format is built on top of HDF5 and as such, requires the HDF5 library and tools.

After installing HDF5, you can download the MED sources from here here
Uncompress them and run the following commands from the uncompressed folder:

./configure CFLAGS=-O2 CXXFLAGS=-O2 FFLAGS=-O2 --disable-python
sudo make install

If HDF5 is not installed using your package manager, you need to replace:



./configure --with-hdf5=<path-to-hdf5>

Where <path-to-hdf5> is the path to your HDF5 installation.

If you want to specify where to install the MED library (required if you don't have sudo rights), replace:



./configure --prefix=<install-path>

Where <install-path> is the path where you want to install the MED library.
This folder must not be the one containing the sources.

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